Dos Ojos

World record in cave diving

  • 9.10.2009
  • Distance: 17 km
  • Depth: 72 m
  • Time: 9:58 h

Namibia 2012

For deep-sea divers Namibia means breathtaking deep water diving in the heart of the desert surrounded by beautiful landscapes. There are a couple of impressive and deep water-filled caves there.

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Leszek Czarnecki Leszek Czarnecki Remigiusz Baliński Remigiusz Baliński Krzysztof Starnawski Krzysztof Starnawski Mirosław Wolski Mirosław Wolski Nuno Gomes Nuno Gomes Ryszard Paluszkiewicz Ryszard Paluszkiewicz Mateusz Matczak Mateusz Matczak Tio Tio Stev Stev Kris Kris Peter Venter Peter Venter

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Namibia 2012

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